COUNTY: Hood River
CLIMATE: Some snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Best to visit in spring, summer or fall
COMMENTS: South of Hood River via OR281 approx. 9 miles.Turn west at "Lost Lake" road;Dee was at the intersection.
REMAINS: Some remains of the mill still stand. Several houses are still in the area; "Dee Flat" above the old town site is mostly orchards. Nearby are some remains of the old Davenport lumber flume.
Built in 1906 by the Oregon Lumber Company to serve the families of the mill workers, Dee was named for a company vice president, Judge Thomas D. Dee of Ogden, UT. Built along the company's Mt. Hood Railroad, Dee appeared in Ripley's Believe It Or Not as the "Backdoor Community"; the houses faced the tracks, not the street. In the late 1950s the town was dismantled. Submitted by: Melanee Gillette