NAME: Drain
COUNTY: Douglas
CLIMATE: Rain all the time
COMMENTS: You can go to the coast from hwy 38 which begins in drain.You can get there from i-5 either direction. South bound take exit 162 all the way in to drain about 5-6 miles, or north bound the same.
REMAINS: A few residents, and some stores

Theres about two thousand people there , that refuse to live anywhere else....For no good apparent reason. The old mortuary is haunted...The school records office is called "the castle", its an old victorian house.Its pretty much deserted except for a few old stores and such.Theres a few family' of interest there...One that has been there since the beginning...The "huckins". To which the eldest one just passed on...Byrene huckins..Whom seemed to run the whole town with a lift of her fingers. Submitted by: Jennifer c.

I don’t know where the person got their information on Drain, Oregon. One of the founders was named Drain, Anna Drain was the wife. Chapman was another founder. There were/are a lot of Woolleys also involved in Drain. As far as I knew they were the ones who had a large stake in Drain. There was a 5th grade teacher named Huckins. I suggest that person go back and do a little more research before they submit mis-information on your website. My parents have lived just outside of Drain for more than 40 years. I found out information on the founders when I visited ‘Drain Castle’ which is now the School District Office and sits adjacent to the North Douglas High Scool. The Mortuary mentioned is now a chocolate store. It was Smith Funeral Home (I believe). When I was in Highschool there was a population of 1,400. It is on one of the main roads to the coast, Umpqua Highway 99. You start from I-5 and end up in Reedsport. Marie Willoughby

Courtesy Karen Streans

Courtesy Karen Streans