NAME: Grandview
COUNTY: Jefferson
CLIMATE: Mild winter and summer.
COMMENTS: Worth the Trip. Update:Hello, I am writing this letter to try and save some people some sanity. I have been in the area where your web site has said the Ghost town of Grandview, Or. is supposed to be. I think it would be wise to let the guests to your site know that there is only one passable road and it leads to the Grandview Cemetery. I have tried on two occasions to try and find this ghost town. I am not 100% positive but I feel that there isn't anything left of Grandview, Or. except the cemetery. The area to the east of the cemetery has a couple of new houses built there. The land south of the cemetery is being sold. The land north and west of the cemetery is posted private property. If you know or can find out where the "town" was supposed to be located from the cemetery I will be willing to go and try to locate it again since I live close to the area. I can't find anyone who knows anything about it except that it use to be there. My last hope is that the court house in Jefferson County will have land records from back then and be able to tell me where the town was located. If they don't I am afraid that the ghost town of Grandview, Or. will be a memory. I will let you know what I find out. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, J. Edwards
REMAINS: A few buildings.

One has to admire the tenacity and resilience of the settlers of what are now non-mining ghost towns. For whatever the reason, they had to pack up, move and start all over again. Such was the case for the settlers of Grandview. Farmers and homesteaders who settled Grandview were promised water and plenty of it. And so they came to turn the land into farms and build their homes and schools for their children. This they did with great optimism despite the rocky soil that dulled farm machinery and the lack of sufficient water for the farms in an arid location. By the time the small cemetery held about a dozen graves, Grandview was being deserted. The town is empty now. SUBMITTED BY: Henry Chenowith

UPDATE:There Are actually two ways to get to Grandview, Oregon, the road that crosses lake Billy Chinook continues into the town of Sisters. I used to live in a canyon several miles north of Sisters & often travelled the road through Grandview on my way to Madras, 47 miles as I recall. Coming from across the lake you will find the cemetery first, continue to the 90 degree left turn, stop & look around- you should find an old well to the right or behind your vehicle in the field. The little road that leads straight off the corner may bring you to possible homesites. It has been 15 years since I was there so expect lots of changes, probably homes by now. After investigating the area, return to your vehicle & continue ahead. Watch for an old water storage tank, hand built of stone, this would be on your right visvble from the road. Shortly after, you will come upon the remains of an old house, to the left out in the field. I watched this house deteriorate over the years as people were destroying it by pulling pieces of with vehicles. This is all that i know of Grandview except that some of the grade for bringing the water can be found near Sisters, South & West on a dirt road. It looks similar to an old railroad grade.

UPDATE: The remaining buildings of Grandview are collapsed; I got a photo of one of the last ones in about 1974, and we did not relocate the site until a year or two ago. The area is near the cemetery and to the north, off of a typical two-track road. (typical = rocks, ruts, etc.) The stone building with the water tank inside (a cistern) is the approximate site of Geneva, NOT Grandview. Geneva is another ghost community with little history known. We grew up in this area and visit once or twice a year, mostly during winter range season to see the deer and watch for poaching activity. Best access is via Jordan Road or from the Camp Polk area. When the roads are thawing in the early spring, please do the courtesy of staying on the improved gravel roads and avoiding the others. Travel in these conditions is very hard on the roads, and makes them less usable for the residents and ranchers who must use them year-round. In winter, the roads are usually frozen or dry, and quite accessible. Roaming the general area between the canyons and Green Ridge will locate old mill sites, many homestead sites,and other things of interest, although there are very few aged structures surviving. Mark and Pat Ingram

If you care to get the real story of the Grandview and Geneva,Oregon area, please feel free to come and join us every Memorial Day weekend for our family is the ones who keep the cemetery in good order. Come as you are. Stay for lunch and have a good time, and learn alot of history of the area. The old timers are almost all gone so please come by next Memorial Day weekend. You won't regret it.
My family ties are with the Nance Family buried at the cemetery.

Hope to see you next Memorial Day, Glen Cole

Courtesy Randy Surface

Grandview (Geneva)
Courtesy Randy Surface

Cold Storage Room
Courtesy Randy Surface

Courtesy Randy Surface

Grandview Cemetery
Courtesy Randy Surface