NAME: Paisley
CLIMATE: Cold winters/mild to moderate summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, summer, fall. Winters can have heavy snow
COMMENTS: Paisley is not a dead town, around 200 residents. Check out the Post office with bullet holes in walls and ceiling when two men failed a robbery there in early 1900's. Visit in July especially during the Mosquito Festival. Head in from Bend or Lakeview on hwy 31, 32 miles north of Lakeview. Check for gas in car, pump not always working in Paisley. This is wide open country folks.
REMAINS: Old post office, few buildings in town, old lumber mill
Around 200 residents now, town was center for logging, mill work and cattle ranching. Mill closed down around 1980. Lots of homestead sites can be seen around the Chewaucan river which runs through town. Submitted by: Rodney Grant