NAME: The original Antelope
COUNTY: wasco
CLIMATE: Unpredictalble winters, snow or wet spring
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer or fall
COMMENTS: No residents, ranch 1 mile at end of road.
REMAINS: None but cemetery, worth visiting, also visit later cemetery 1/4 down road to the north.
There are no residents of the "original" Antelope, OR. Proceed to new antelope (on this site)turn right on church street, so named for Methodist Church. Nice gentleman now runs Antelope store and restaurant. Need permission to visit original site, inquire within. Site is 1/2 mile down gravel road at end of church street. Nothing left, notice graveyard on knoll at right. Lots of grave markers, none of which points out man who killed my great uncle over horse theft in 1887, (buried outside of cemetary fence). On immediate left was only house remaining of Antelope, burned by rancher in 1996 because of local teens looting house. If you look, you can see sloping grade to the north between trees, was main street of Antelope. Original Antelope burned to the ground in the winter of 1894. Town was moved 1/2 mile west to connect to road to Shaniko and Cross Hollows. My grandfather (born in 1894) was born in original Antelope, and used to tell my father of how he and friend used to climb cemetery hill and watch men pile out of saloon and shoot at each other in the street at base of road. I invite anyone to really dig into Antelopes history, most info doesnt go back as far as the original town. I recently discovered the homestead of my Great Grandfather on Sandy MacKay's place 10 miles SE of Cold Camp road. It was a tearful experience for me, and to have a 97 year old Sandy thank me for my Great Grandmother "bringing him into the world" was a fulfilling experience for me. An ending of a long search for me. Submitted by: Rodney Grant