NAME: Westfall
COUNTY: Mulheur
CLIMATE: In the mountains
COMMENTS: According to the 1990 census there were 40 people in the 'township'. It did have a post office. From I 84 just inside Oregon from Idaho turn onto hwy 201 south to state hwy 20/26. Go west about 12 miles or so to the town of Vale. Continue on hwy 20 another 20 miles or so to the town of Harper. There is a paved road that goes north from Harper to the town of Westfall, then the pavement stops according to the map. There is a Westfall cemetery also.
REMAINS: Unknown

Hope to have more info soon. Founded by Levi Westfall. This was close to the Oregon Trail and is along Bully Creek. Will post a revision when I have more. Submitted by: Nancy Wagner

The town was founded by Levi Westfall - the following is from a book, Pioneer Days in Malheur County, pages starting 328. Westfall was a typical town of "The Old West". It could appropriately be called the last frontier town in Malheur county. It first appearaed on the map about 1882 when Phil Cammann opened a store on the old Levi Westfall place. There were only four small houses in the town. Levi Westfall, for whom the town was named, located the homstead in 1870. He was a West Virginian and was the first pioneer to loacete in the Alder creek valley - later Bully creek. James and Jack Westfall, brothers, came to the vicinity with their families in the early Eighties. .... James F., son of James Westfall, was born in Westfall. In early manhood he farmed and raised livestock on Bully creek and later engaged in business in Juntura and Fruitland. He died at the hospital in Ontario January 18, 1946, at the age of 64. The worst Indian trouble early settlers had in the Westfall locality was due to stock stealing. Many ranchers continuously risked their lives in trying to recover the animals. On one raid the Indians stold Levi Westfall's bible, tore out the leaves, and scattered them along the trail. pg 331 Westfall grew from one small store to three general stores, two hotels, a bank, three saloons, a blacksmith shop, two livery barns, a large frame school house, church, candy store, garage and dance hall. ...... Westfall was incorporated in 1895 and J.C. Skelton was the first mayor. William M. Westfall, a nephew of Levi Westfall, was among the last of those old pioneers to cross the great divide. He died in Ontario on May 9, 1946, at the age of 81. Mr. Westfall spent his boyhood in west Virginia and came to Westfall in 1883, when 18 years of age. He was married in 1896 and spent most of his life farming in that community. His wife preceded him in death. His three sons, Ray, Victor and Delbert, reside in Ontario. Two daughters, Mrs. Etta Schulz and Mrs. Barbara Turner, reside at Harper. A third daughter lives in California. pg 334 Jack Westfall came from West Virginia in 1884 with his family, including four sons, Henry, John, Albert and Jasper, and two daughters, now Mrs. Martha Westfall Solders, and Mrs. Alice Westfall Cole. Jasper was killed while serving as city marshal of Westfall by Asa Carey, May 10, 1912 when Carey was resisting arrest. Carey was sent to prison. Henry and John now live in Ontario. Henry Westfall and his wife, May, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on November 10, 1947. pg 337 When the Malheur valley railroad started building through Malheur canyon and work was started on a depot at Harper in 1909 most of the town of Westfall was moved to Harper. At one time Westfall contained three stores, a bank, two hotels, two saloons, two livery barns, a blacksmith shop and other business establishments and the homes of about 300 families. Soon after Harper became the railroad station, Westfall dwindled to one store, one dwelling, a school house and a church.

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