NAME: Bangor
COUNTY: Walworth
CLIMATE: Warm summer, cold winters, springs and falls are generally mild.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Preferably anytime but late fall and winter.
COMMENTS: Today, Bangor is simply nothing but a monument a few miles south of Selby, on highway 83.
REMAINS: A commemorative monument, and a cemetary.
On October, 29, 1884, Bangor became the new Walworth County seat. For a short time, the little town flourished with numerous businesses. In 1899, there was talk of a possible extension from the Milwaukee Railroad into Bangor, although it never happened. Instead, Selby was established, and got the benefit of the railroad. After an eight-year dispute, the country seat was moved to Selby. Several buidling were eventually moved into Selby as well. And so ended Bangor, with only a monument and a cemetary left of it. Submitted by: Tyanna Miller