NAME: Maxdale
CLIMATE: Central Texas Weather, Hot as heck in summer, occasional blue nother in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Fall, Winter
COMMENTS: No current residents except in general area. Old townsite in on South side of the Lampasas River, 8 or 9 miles Southwest of Killeen.
REMAINS: Church, some residences, Maxdale cemetery
Established sometime before 1883, date of first Post Office. In 1884 had 20 folks, two churches, a school and cotton gin. Had a general store by 1914 and peak of 50 folks in 1925. Post office closed about 1926. Still had three businesses and two churches in l948, down to 15 by l968. Mostly empty by 1980 but new community center opened across the river and about a mile away in l979. Population down to 4 in 1990. (Compliments to The Handbook of Texas online) Submitted by: Mike McDanel