NAME: Oakville
COUNTY: Live Oak
CLIMATE: Hot Summers, Texas-Weather Winters
COMMENTS: Old Courthouse and Jail from its stint as county seat(1856-1919);Lies on Interstate 37 midway between San Antonio and Corpus Christi;good restaurant on I-37 North
REMAINS: Old Courthouse and Jail;Some Houses; Roads
Oldest town in Live Oak County, Former County Seat 1856-1919(George West Built a new $75,000 Courthouse to become county seat;Named for the town's Live Oak Trees;The Railroad bypassed Oakville and Oakvill died away. Once was home to 450 People. Boasted itself as a "hotbed of lawlessness" during the Civil War! The county's newspaper-"The Live Oak County Leader"(later the "Times") was founded in Oakville in 1891. The Post Office was established in 1857.The town still has a post office, a restaurant, a gas station and convience store. It is still home to a few people. To get to Oakville, simply get on Interstate 37 and take exit 65 "Oakville". This exit is right in the middle of town. If you go look at the old jail on the south side, you will notice that the jail has Satellite TV! I guess that you could call Oakville a small town, but compared to its previous self, it is definetly a ghost town. If Oakville were not bypassed by the railroad, it likely would have become the largest city between Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Submitted by: Nathan Vance