NAME: Peyton Colony
COUNTY: Blanco
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: Very few residents, private property - Haunted!
REMAINS: A few structures.
Peyton Colony is unique in the history of Texas Hill Country for it was founded exclusively by black freedmen after the Civil War. The founder, Peyton Roberts, and others came not from Texas but from former homes in the South. The blacks formed a settlement in a beautiful setting in eastern Blanco County. They constructed a number of homes, a church and a school, the first black school in Blanco County. The residents named the community Peyton Colony in honor of it founder, Peyton Roberts. As the years passed, the Colony declined in population although much of the land is owned by descendents of the original settlers. The school was integrated in the 1960s and, although it is now closed, it still stands as does the Mt. Horeb Baptist Church. Ruins of former structures may still be seen around the church and school.. SUBMITTED BY: Henry Chenoweth.

Ghosts at Peyton Colony?

Peyton Colony Church
Courtesy Trina Haynes

Peyton Colony Historical Marker
Courtesy Trina Haynes

Peyton Colony School, 1st-8th Grade.  1877-1963
Courtesy Trina Haynes

Peyton Colony School
Courtesy Trina Haynes