NAME: Pringle or Park Springs
CLIMATE: Snowy winter and hot summer
COMMENTS: Few people,about20 miles north of border. Regaining some size from commuters. No remains of the many buildings.
REMAINS: Cattle houses - Masonry ruins and water well.

Has been abandoned for quite some time.There was probaly a few big cattle buisnesesthere in the early to mid 1900's. Submitted by: J.Hawkins

The town derived its name from a grove which surrounded a serier of springs in the area. This part of Wise county was only a wilderness with great uncut forest standing tall and silent. The small community which was first located here was known as Pringle, but the name was later changed to Park Springs. In the early 1900's it became a bustling town with a population of over 400 people. The community had a Methodist church and a Baptist church, which is still active today. Also, the town had three grocery stores, a bank, a feed store, an ice-house, a black smith shop, and a school of eleven grades. The largest grocery store was owned and run by Seeb Musgrove. Other businesses were owned by Jerry McKay, John McDonald, and Jimmy James. The pride of the town was its 14 room hotel which stood majestically, facing the main line of Rock Island railroad, near the railroad's water tower. The hotel was the center of activity for all social activity. Every Saturday night was gala time at the hotel with square dancing and a picnic the following day after church. Railroad workers often used the community as a place to rest and a place to change over crews. With the increasing use of the diesel locamotive, the community was no longer used as a place to load water. The gasoline automobile allowed citizens to seek employment in nearby Bridgeport and Decatur. The town started a slow demise. The post office was established in Park Springs on July 14, 1893 with Margaret C. Evans as postmistress, but was discontinued in 1915. The school was shut down about the year 1944. All that remains today is the masonary ruins of a store, the community water well, and the "Park Springs Baptist Church". Submitted by Robert Vahle, Bowie, Tx.

Community Water Well
Courtesy Robert Vahle

Water Pump
Courtesy Trina Haynes

General Store
Courtesy Trina Haynes