NAME: Quincy or Little Quincy
COUNTY: Goliad and/or Bee
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: I am a descendant of the original land holder. Having never visited the county, I am unsure as to whether the remains are still there, or the property accessible.
There are probably some general tourist type things and historical places to visit. I am told this area is rich in history. I have been warned that descendants of the Moya family are not welcome in the area.
REMAINS: Unsure whether they are still there.
Juan and Augustin Moya's large hacienda on Blanco Creek became the John Quincy Ranch, which D.J. Swickhamer bought for subdivision in 1891. The Enterprise Land and Colonization Company, with N. King the vice president, started a new town before 1892. Bellesen, Halsell, Larson, Walker, South, Burt, Jackson, and Johnson families, mainly from Kansas, bought tracts in the area. A large business house, a post office, with King the postmaster, a drug store, with Dr. C.B. Palmer, and several commodious residences were reported. After many of the settlers moved away, the Bee County Irrigation Syndicate tried again to revive the little town. a service station, clubhouse, and store were built. The over 10,500 acres remained (as of 1958) in the hands of John J. O'Brien and son, John Morgan. The ranch hands saw stubbles in the pasture to show where the village once boomed. They called the old house blocks "Little Quincy.
SUBMITTED BY: Michelle Keener