NAME: Alunite
CLIMATE: Temperate; some snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Year round, but road may be muddy sometimes.

COMMENTS: West of Highway 89 south of Marysvale, near power substation.Foundations, chimneys of mill, homes, school, business still standing. Lots of rusty mill equipment still visible.
REMAINS: Foundations, rusted equipment.

UPDATE: 02/22/2014 Alunite in Piute County, Utah is no longer legally accessible. It is not physically inaccessible, there's no gate, but it is signed no trespassing at the road entrance and there is a new sign for "The Deer Trail Mine" from Western Resources Corp at the road. I was not willing to go up the road.

Here is a website for the new mine:

Nick Britton

Was site of alunite mine/mill centering on WWI years, producing potash (only American source during war years). Thriving town with churches, elementary school. For many years, especially during WWII, there was local hope of reviving the town, but potash and aluminum (another product of alunite) were cheaper to produce elsewhere. Submitted by: Ardis E. Parshall