NAME: Argyle
Grid #: 2
CLIMATE: Cool winter with possible snow, warm summer
COMMENTS: Originally a farming town.
REMAINS: n October 2013, there remains, about 5 miles south of Randolph, a single, weathered, boarded up cabin on the west side of UT 19. There are operating ranches along the highway. I learned that this site was not worth adding to my itinerary in terms of ghost-town-looking. E.W.Burdorff
This town was first known as Kennedyville and was settled in 1875. In 1895 the towns name was changed to Argyle. A school was built here in 1895. In 1910 the population in town was over 130 people. In 1915 the school closed as people moved to other area towns because traveling was becoming easier. Submitted by Bob Bezzant.

Argyle in 1996
Courtesy Bob Bezzant

The sign of Argyle Lane is the only exsisting marker today from the old town of Argyle. The marker is located just to the left of HWY 30 heading north before comign up on the town of Randolph. If you turn down Argyle Lane you will pass a few reamining cabins but most of the area is now cleared farmland
Courtesy Todd Keith

One of the few remaining cabins from the prior town of Argyle. Today this cabin rests about 200 yards south from the original footings. The local ranchers cleared out most of the old footings and foundations and moved this cabin to plant crops today.
Courtesy Todd Keith