NAME: Brigham River
COUNTY: Sevier County
CLIMATE: Extremely hot summer, cold winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Fall. The fall temperature is from 70 to 80 degree
COMMENTS: No current residents live in Brigham River, except for a run down old silver mining office.
REMAINS: Few remaining buildings. A bawdy house and miners cabin are all that stands.
Brigham River was settled in 1863, by mormon pioneers from Richfield, in search of a suitable livestock grazing area and fertile ground. There was no post office in Brigham River, so the five families that lived there went to Richfield to recieve mail. In 1918, a telephone was erected in Brigham River, and the name was changed to Brodie Ridge. In 1921, a drought hit Brodie and the families moved back down to the Sevier Valley. In 1881, a stageline was put through Brigham Rivers and Saloons, Bawdy Houses, and Gambling dens were soon the considered downtown Brigham. Brigham is located twenty-eight miles north-west of Richfied in the Sanpete Range. The residents of Brigham River claimed that Butch Cassidy and his gang of robbers blew up the vault in the Miners Delight Saloon on First West. The Saloon district of Brodie Ridge still stands. A Bawdy House still stands. Submitted by: Eddy Van Vleet