NAME: Colton
Grid #: 5
CLIMATE: Cool winter with possible snow, warm summer
COMMENTS: Off highway 6. Some current residents.
REMAINS: A few buildings.

Pleasant Valley Junction came to be in 1883. Its name was changed to COLTON in 1898. In 1940 its population was 327. The town died around 1950 when the Railroad operations were ended. Submitted by Bob Bezzant.

The Hilltop General Store building was moved up to the highway UT 6-50 in 1937 and is run by the Finch family. The store was built in 1880. Stop in and see Mr Finch, he has many pictures of the town at its height. He also has pictures of his grandfather with Butch Cassidy! Store closed on Sunday.

UPDATE: .  I work for a construction company that built the new expansion on highway 6 that goes right through colton.  I was just writing to let you know that Mr. finch passed away a few months ago, the store is still open and is run by his son-in-law and his family. I’m sure they have kept all the pictures and memorabilia that he used to show each visitor.  But just wanted to let you know of that change.  It was fun working there for the past 2 years, and I’m glad that I got the chance to spend so much time around all that great history.

Thanks for helping keep things like this alive

- Bradley T Hill

Colton in 1996 - the old schoolhouse
Courtesy Bob Bezzant

Colton General Store
Courtesy Jennifer Loudiana