NAME: Dover
COUNTY: Sanpete
CLIMATE: hot and dry in summer cold and snowy in the winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: always accessible
COMMENTS: 5 miles east of Fayette UtahNo buildings remain, however, there is a memorial cemetary. Inside the cemetery is a plaque that tells the story of Dover, Utah. Will send pictures to the website in the future.
REMAINS: Memorial Cemetery
Dover was settled in the late early 1900's, close to the sevier river. At it's peak the town had a general store and town hall. After the river flooded the area, many residents died of malaria. The following winter was hard and many died of starvation due to shortage of crops. The rest fled the area the next spring. The cemetary has a plaque that give dates and details. Many young children, and even entire families are buried there. Submitted by: Jessica Roberts