NAME: Eagle City
COUNTY: Garfield
Grid #: 8
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summer
When it's dry
COMMENTS: No current residents, though some mining activity as late as 1988. A few remnants of buildings, couple beautiful stone houses. The town is located in the Henry Mts., very remote, very beautiful scenery. A special place. Good history in "Some Dreams Die" by Thompson, Dream Garden Press.
REMAINS: Some complete houses, some ruins
Located in Bromide Basin at the head of Crescent Creek in the Henry Mts. John Angrove discovered gold there and was killed for it. Gold ledge located in 1889 by Jack Sumner and Jack Butler, called Bromide Mine.
Eagle City is at the fork of the canyon two miles below Bromide Basin. and had a store, doctor's office, a hotel and a saloon. Long riders from the Wild Bunch were said to have come through. Water seeped into shafts as they went deeper, was economically unfesible to keep draining. Bromide mill burned in 1911. WWI was the end of Eagle City. Only Frank Lawler remained another 60 years at the camp. Lawler believed the Lost Josephine Mine to be in the Henrys. Submitted by William R. Perritt.