NAME: Hastings Pass
COUNTY: Tooele
CLIMATE: Snow in Winter, Hot in Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Summer, and Fall
COMMENTS: The exit is between Tooele, and Wendover on I-80. Take the road west, take exit 56. You will find a road called hastings pass, take it. Then you will see a factory, go past that to the cedar mountains. This road will take you right over the mountians across hastings pass. After you drive into the mountains a little ways you will run into a Y in the road. You can take eather way, but you should see cabins at the Y, there is an old graval pit. Thats all I know about the Ghost town.
REMAINS: Some old cabins, and mining aquipment. There is also an old graval pit.
I don't really know anything about the town, but there are no residents. Submitted by: Derek VonHatten