NAME: Lucin
COUNTY: Box Elder
CLIMATE: Snowy winters. Very windy.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Not too muddy in April.
COMMENTS: No current residents. This town became vacant in the early '90s, and most all the structures have been destroyed. East of Montello. Turn right onto the dirt road a few miles east of the "Welcome to Utah" signs. Head south, until you hit the railroad tracks. Lucin is south of the track. Lucin is on the way to the Sun Tunnels sculptures, go check them out.
REMAINS: One standing home, phone booth, and an oasis of piped mountain water surrounded by large oaks. Look around for some grain cellars.
The sign posted descibes this town as an 1800's railroad stop for steam engines. Water is piped from a near mountain to this village. Trains still pass by today and arange their cars on the tracks near by. The town was most recently occupied by a group of it's children turned retirees, there to live their golden years. Now the town stands empty. Correction: Now the town lies empty, as all the buildings have mainly been destroyed. Submitted by: Mike D'Asto

Sun Tunnels
Courtesy Ron Peterson

Piped in water source
Courtesy Ron Peterson

Old Phone Booth
Courtesy Ron Peterson

Cold Room
Courtesy Ron Peterson

Old Stamp Mill Remains
Courtesy Ron Peterson