NAME: Rockport
COUNTY: Summit
Grid #: 2
CLIMATE: Cool winter with possible snow, warm summer.
COMMENTS: A true ghost.
REMAINS: Some foundations and walls.

This town was born in 1860. The towns first name was Crandall. In 1866 Indian trouble caused the people to build a stone fort. The town was renamed Rockport because of the rock fort they built. In 1872 the town got its first post office. The population was around 200 people. In 1950 the government bought all the land and built Rockport Reservoir were the town once stood. (These Photos were taken Nov 15 1996) .
Submitted by Bob Bezzant.

My 2nd great grandfather, Henry Reynolds, was one of the first settlers in the early days of Rockport. At one time, it was known as Enoch City. I will send more information. I have a lot of information that belongs to my aunt. When the water is down, you can see part of the old dirt road. My mother used to ride on the road with her family. She is no longer with us today. Also, my great grandfather, William Reynolds, was an Indian Scout during the 1890's in Park City, Utah. He scouted for indians in the Deer Valley ski area. He also wrote articles in the old Park Record (Down Memory Lane). When he was scouting for indians, he saw deer running through the trees and coined the phrase "Deer Valley". We still to this day do not know if he was ever named as the one who coined the phrase. - Diane Stamps

Courtesy Bob Bezzant

Henry Reynolds
Courtesy Diane Stamps

Vernon Family tombstone Rockport
Courtesy Alan Whited