NAME: Rockwell's Station
COUNTY: Salt Lake
CLIMATE: Snow in winter hot dry summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time of Year
COMMENTS: Rockwell Station is located at the point of the Mountain in Bluffdale.There is nothing left but a Marker Made out of the Saloon wall, it is Up Against the Prision fence on the left side.
REMAINS: Monument
Rockwell Station , 12 miles south of travlers rest in Salt Lake County, was first known as Utah Brewery because of a Brewery Built near the Point of The Mountain, Which seperates Great Salt Lake and Utah Valley. The Brewery was Built at a cost of $ 17,000, in an area where wild Hopa abounded and Grains were plentiful, But The Buisness Failed. The Property was Taken Over By Oriin Porter Rockwell, and Became A station for The Overland Stage Unlike Hanks Station, Rockwells Station was lookedForward to by Travelers Because Rockwell was a Fine Host , Jovial and Good Natured , whose Tales of early Mormon Day Adventures kept His Listners spellbound for hours . Perhaps the Fact that he operated and Sold "Valley Tan" Whisky had some Bearing in it popularity. Sir Richard Burton The Famed British autor , Visited Rockwells Station on his way west, And Was warned by Rockwell to "Watch out for White Indians", Which he Said "were the Very worst kind" He also told Burton that the trail ahead " was about Fit for Travel as hell for a Powder Magazine" It was Common Knowledge the Rockwell Had Killed Many Men, Sometimes Exaturated around 100,But Only He Knows The Truth , He Had a reputation of always getting his man. But to those with whom he Had no quarrel, he accommodating and always ready to share a jug. If You Have Any More Questions about Orrin Porter Rockwell Fell Free To E-mail Me at [email protected] . Thank you Submitted by: Cody