NAME: Wash Woods
COUNTY: Virginia Beach
CLIMATE: Mild summers & winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: From dawn to dusk year-round
COMMENTS: This was an old seaside fishing village now located on a park preserve. You can drive part the way but must go by foot or bike the remainder-sand trail.
REMAINS: Church steeple,buildings,cemeteries

Last residents left in the mid 1970's. There are 40's 50's and 60's era automobiles covered in wind blown sand, a steeple remains standing upright by the cemetery, assorted buildings & much more. I will send pictures soon. SUPER COOL PLACE TO SCOUT AROUND!!! Submitted by: Mark Curling

Virginia Beach is in the southeastern part of the state (I lived there for 7 years)
It is located in a State Park within a Federal Park. The easiest time to access it is during the summer, as there is a tram (there is a fee) that will take you as far as the ranger station about 2 miles from the remains of Wash Woods.  The rest of the way you will have to walk, you CANNOT bike from the ranger station on, as it is all sand.  It is an awesome place to visit, was there in 2004.