NAME: Greenbanks Hollow
COUNTY: Caledonia
CLIMATE: Snow in winter.  Muddy in spring (might need 4WD if mud is too heavy)
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring to mid autumn.
COMMENTS: This is now a park accessible to the public with ruins marked with signs and a posted hiking trail.  A family owns the property, though.
REMAINS: Several stone foundations in excellent condition.  Covered bridge was restored recently.
Originally the village of Whitchers Mill (founded ~1785), the town boomed when Benjamin Greenback built a five story wool factory here in 1849.  About 25 families lived in the town in 1885, when a fire broke out in the old gristmill and spread to destroy most of the town, including the factories, the post office, and the general store. Following the fire, most of the Greenbanks family left the town for other opportunities in New Hampshire (one of Benjamin Greenbank's sons remained for some time), and almost all of the employees of the three factories here (the 5 story wool factory, two gristmills, and a sawmill) left shortly after.  A few sheep farmers remained until the town became completely deserted in 1912, when the school closed.  The ruins that can be seen today include: The wool factory, the sawmill, the old (~1780's) gristmill, the post office, the general store, the school, a boarding house, at least five houses, and four other buildings.

Submitted by: Russ Hayes