NAME: Smith Family Farms in Sharon
CLIMATE: Traditional New England weather
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Summer, Fall. (Winter for x-mas lights)
COMMENTS: This site is maintainted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The foundation holes of the buildings are off in the woods, with a maintained car trail past the sites. (You can walk it if you like.) The church has a visitor's center on the grounds. There is also an old school house that is currently being used as a residence.Sharon is on Interstate 89 between Montpeilier and White River Junction. There are signs in Sharon to the site. It is located behind the Mormon Church. I assume that the foundations are not accessible in the winter, but the church decorates the grounds with Christmas lights in winter, and many people go just for that.
REMAINS: foundation holes, hearth stone, stone bridge, school house
There are 3 Mack and Smith family residences, none still standing. Joseph Smith, the first prophet of the Mormon Church, was born in one of the houses, and the church has erected a monument in his honor on the land. The visitor's center has information on the houses and families who used to live in the homes. It is said they moved to upstate NY in search of work/better farming in 1816. Other sources:,15367,3899-1---4-133,00.html (top picture shows monument and visitor's center) Submitted by: Anne Frost