NAME: Ainsworth
COUNTY: Franklin
CLIMATE: Mild winters and hot summers
COMMENTS: The townsite of Ainsworth is located along the Snake River just north of Sacajawea State Park, and the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers. There are some gravel and dirt roads along the north side of the park that lead to a very brushy area along the bank of the Snake River. This was the site.
REMAINS: Some foundations, most of the townsite has been covered by the Snake River, due to later dam construction.
Constructed by the railroad in 1879, Ainsworth was the first town in the region now occupied by the Tri-Cities metropolitan statistical area. Sadly, its life was short with total abandonment occurring in five years. Flooding was a recurring problem here until dams were built in the mid-twentieth century. Little is left, but some old foundations and broken concrete can be seen. A ferry operated here until bridges were constructed, so it is difficult to discern if the remains are from Ainsworth or the ferry. What I found to be fascinating as I searched for signs of the old community, was the presence of concrete slabs/or foundations in the water of the Snake, just offshore. Submitted by: Rick Monson