NAME: Bagdad
COUNTY: Lincoln
CLIMATE: Hot in summer, snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accesible year round
COMMENTS: No current residents, or buildings
Bagdad is on the old highway between Wilbur and Grand Coulee at the intersection at the turn off to Almira. If one takes this drive you will pass by the site of Hesseltine, see the old Grand Coulee Grange Hall pass the site of Bagdad and will pass old deserted farm buildings, the old KFDR radio station and will eventually will get to Grand Coulee. To start on this road, pass through Wilbur towards Grand Coulee. Take the Keller Ferry turn off. Go down this road about five miles and take the first left (west) that is an asphalt road. This is the old highway. This road will cross the new highway three times eventually taking you to Grand Coulee. Submitted by: Wayne Reid