NAME: Copper City
COUNTY: Cowlitz
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer.
COMMENTS: Not a lot left.
REMAINS: There is a bit more there than the old bunkhouse which is pictured in the website.  That has since collapsed, by the way.  If you hike up the trail to the top, you can see the clearing where old mine cabins were and see the outlines of the foundations in the meadow there.  It is a long hike though, 3.5 miles, and used to be accessible by 4WD but has been washed out for several years now, and only accessible by foot or horseback.  You can also see a mine shaft openings (we found one but heard there were two) and bits of the rails where they sent the carts down to the main mine works that are currently pictured on your site.

Mari Kay Everitt

Copper City was already old and abandoned when a Fred Eaton took up residence in the ghost town. There had been a good strike of gold and copper that created much excitement but that was short-lived. An enormous forest fire in 1902 put a stop to operations and the mine was never profitable again. The only activity today is the few fishermen who occasionally try their luck in the waters of Copper Creek. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

Only building rear view
Courtesy Mike Moore

Top of mining area
Courtesy Mike Moore

Front of house only building
Courtesy Mike Moore

Sign off trail
Courtesy Mike Moore