NAME: Franklin
COUNTY: King or Pierce
CLIMATE: Mild and wet year round

COMMENTS: There are no buildings left just foundations. No residents. The cemetery is the primary clue to finding this ghost town. There are many good trash dumps in this town. I have only been able to acces this site once years ago and was amazed at the stuff I dug up, one hand blown bottle labeled in paint saying old spice tolet water and a old pair of spectacles that were intact including both lenses. I tried to go back this year but permission now must be obtained from either the gun club or the gas drilling company that is now active on the land.

Most, if not all, of the site is located within undeveloped "Hanging Gardens" State Park.
Legal [walk-in only] access is via two sets of gates, that can be easily walked around. The gates are to keep out vehicles. The first gate is located just before the "Green River Gorge" bridge, a few miles east of the town of Black Diamond, WA, on the south side of the road.
Walk around the gate, through an old graveled and grassy "field" a short distance to the State Park boundary gate. Walk around it and continue up a gravel road into the heart of the town site [half of a mile?].
REMAINS: Just foundations, the shafts have been sealed due to repellers that fell to there deaths.

Franklin was a coal mining town in the late 1800's, in about 1880 there was a cave in that killed 47 miners which was vertually all ofthe working miners at the time, the families of the victims just moved away and the town dried up after that as far as I can tell. Submitted by: Brian Brandon

Franklin Mine Shaft
Courtesy Ron McDonald

Courtesy Ron McDonald

Courtesy Ron McDonald

Coal Cart
Courtesy Ron McDonald

Franklin circa 1915
Courtesy Ron McDonald

Air Shaft Blower Base
Courtesy Ron McDonald