NAME: Grisdale
COUNTY: Grays Harbor
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer
COMMENTS: Buildings Razed in 1988
REMAINS: Foundations

Grisdale was a company town owned by the Simpson Timber Co. All the houses closely resembled each other. There was no private ownership that I am aware of. The town had a company store, small movie theater, and school. With its location in the southern edge of the Olympic Mountains, it had a very beautiful location. With excellent hunting and fishing literally minutes from the town. In fact deer, elk, and black bears where frequent visitors to the town. The area has been bulldozed and little is left.. Submitted by Bison Dave

I grew up in Grisdale (1962-1977). The houses and buildings were razed in 1988, but the campsite is still pretty easy to find. From Montesano it is 37 miles up the Wynoochee valley road. The campsite sign has been torn down, but there are a set of old mail boxes on your right hand side (A big set) just a half mile inside the Olympic National Forest boundary. Park by the mail boxes and follow the old road in. The old road goes in about 100 yards and then a road forks to the right; this road takes you right in to the old family home sites. If you follow the other road strait you will come to a fork to the left which will take you to the work area and the area where the bunkhouses for the single guys were located.-Grisdale Kid

Grisdale 1970
Courtesy Ward Isom

Grisdale Working area and bunkhouses Circa 1948
Courtesy Ward Isom

Grisdale Family Homes Circa 1948
Courtesy Ward Isom