NAME: Northport
COUNTY: Stevens
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer
COMMENTS: Current residents. It is not an easy place to find the attractions, and families with children may not want to even go. Lots of Junk around.
REMAINS: Many original buildings.
Just south of the Canadian border on highway 22 is the town of Northport. Once known as one of the rowdiest mining camps in Washington, it is also a town where mother nature tried her best to extinguish not once but several times. First settled in 1892, the town was almost destroyed by a forest fire that summer. In September of that year, the railroad came through Northport and the town was on its way. A series of disastrous fires soon plagued the town. After each fire, the town was rebuilt as before. The last rebuilding finally saw brick as the material of choice that served its purpose well. The structures standing today are of brick. One exception is the frame brothel. Northport also suffered from floods during periods of heavy rainfall and snow melt-off when the Columbia River exceeded its banks. The lifeblood of Northport was its smelters. The first was built in 1897 and was immediately beset with labor problems which ultimately caused the smelters to close for good and the populace to move away. Today, a large sawmill is the primary source of economic support. There is much to see of Northport as it used to exist. Submitted by Henry Chenowith.