NAME: Port Crescent
COUNTY: Clallam
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer.
COMMENTS: Killed by fire.
REMAINS: Nothing.
Port Crescent was first envisioned as a deep-water harbor for ocean going vessels, particularly for timber cruisers for the loading of logs to be shipped to foreign ports. There was news of railroads building northwest from Tacoma into the Olympic Peninsula, which fanned rumors of a coming boom for the area. A promotion company was formed in 1892 and laid out an ambitious townsite consisting of 20,000 lots on 166 blocks in a neat rectangular pattern. Work was going forward to create the harbor when it was discovered reefs and other underwater obstructions made the task impossible and the idea was abandoned. Nevertheless, investors had been attracted to the town, which seemed to promise expansion, and continued undismayed to complete their buildings. The town had two saloons, the Markham House, a modern hotel at the time, the Port Crescent Hotel, stores and all the amenities of a frontier town. The town had a few more ups and downs during the early 1900s until the late 1920s. All but deserted, the town of Port Crescent died by fire. A careless beachcomber left an unattended log fire on Crescent beach, which spread into the oil soaked ground of an old oil house, ate its way along the boardwalk to the hotel and torched that structure which spread to the remaining buildings. Submitted by Henry Chenowith.