NAME: Toroda
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, and very cold
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, Summer or Fall
COMMENTS: Great town to visit.
REMAINS: A couple of old log buildings, next to Cougar Creek.

Toroda (T40N R32E Section 27) often referred to as New Toroda, or Eureka, in Ferry county. The remaining buildings are all situated on the east side of the road, along Toroda creek. This former mining town in NW Ferry county, lies four and a half miles south of the Canadian border and ten miles west of Curlew on the Kettle River, where Toroda creek ends it's trip, after flowing north-by-east for about 35 miles, starting at Wauconda in Okanogan County. This town has a colorful history one thing being, it is the burial place of the world-wide adventurer Ranald McDonald. A story regarding the name origin is that the word is an Indian pronunciation of Dorothy, for Dorothy McDonald, a descendant of famous Angus McDonald of Hudson's Bay Company. A more logical choice is the Indian name for the place, To-Ro-Tee. Some maps and records have the name misspelled Taroda, Tarota, Tarroda or Teroda. Submitted by Maggie Rail.


Here we have the New Torada, which is in Ferry county. I was told that they kept moving but do not know why. It was hard to get a good photo of this one because it is hidden in the trees. All of these are along Toroda creek as it flows along.
Courtesy Maggie Rail