NAME: Trinity
COUNTY: Chelan
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer.
COMMENTS: An interesting site, closed to the public. Here is a link to a blog from current resident.
REMAINS: Many original remnants.

The town was built around 1914 although there had been some mining activity as early as 1900. Copper was the mainstay of the town with some silver as a passing interest. The town had a power plant, a mess hall, a commissary, rooming houses for single miners and homes for married miners and their families and all the other buildings usually found in a mining camp. The town even had a sawmill. There had been about 275 men working in the mines and mill but the number dwindled as operations began to slow down. At last everything stopped and everybody moved away. What is left are rusting ore carts on narrow gauge tracks and buildings that show the affects of heavy winter snowfalls. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

UPDATE:Trinity is CLOSED to the public. I visited on June 24, 2000. After driving nearly 40 miles from the freeway and following numerous signs for Trinity, the road ended with a "private property" sign blocking the road. If you (hypothetically speaking) walk around the sign, you'll only make it a couple of hundred feet before you're stopped by a metal gate with a sign reading "Trinity" at the top. It appears that someone has bought the townsite and fenced it off. It looks like the new owners have put corrugated metal roofs on several of the buildings that are still standing, and have built a new home on the site. New vehicles were parked outside. I have no idea how long the place has been off-limits. I've wanted to visit Trinity for a number of years, and was very disappointed to be thwarted. --Shane Burnett

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