NAME: Home
COUNTY: Pierce
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer.
COMMENTS: Many current residents.
REMAINS: Many original buildings.

The phrase "There's no place like home" may or may not have had its origin at Home in the state if Washington. Located on a finger of land at the south end of Puget Sound, Home had its beginning around 1897 as a haven for the exponents of the free spirit. The individualism sought by its residents was to rid themselves of the shackles of conventional society. The colonists bought 26 acres of land at $2.50 per acre. In time, the town developed a reputation for being a place for free love, anarchy and almost anything else one wanted to practice as long as such did not infringe upon the natural rights of others. Home's existence was turbulent at best due mostly to the unfavorable press it received from writers who had never visited the colony. Those who did came away with an entirely different opinion. However, things were not the same as in the beginning. The Association of HomeOwners was eventually dissolved and people began to move away. Now it is becoming a suburb of Tacoma and there are many new residents and houses. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.

I have some information about your Ghost Town in Washington state. The one named "Home". I grew up there and have a little tid-bit for your page:

In the town of Home Washington, there is a U.S. Post Office. The post office is called, th"Lakebay Post Office" instead of the Home Post office because of the Hedonism practiced there. Lakebay Washington is actually a couple of miles away.

As a side note; Across the bay from the Lakebay Post office is a Large Green barn and other buildings and a small dock where Capt. John Walberg lived out his life after leaving the sea and his sailing career. Capt. Walberg was 1st mate to Admiral Byrd when he sailed to Antartica in 1933-1935. I spent many many hours sitting with Capt Walberg as he told his sailing stories. He was a special friend of mine as I was growing up. He arrived in Home Washington by boat and purchased 20 acres of land all on the Home waterfront. He cut down the trees and made them into lumber and built the buildings you can see there today.

Curt Cragun
Lakebay Washington