NAME: Weston
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, early fall before snow
COMMENTS: Near the confluence of the Green River and Intake Creek off of Forest Road 52. Will require some bushwacking to get to. Near to the large BNSF trestle over the Green River put up in 1913 and quite the sight to see.
REMAINS: Nothing
Weston was a booming railway town in the 1880s when Northern Pacific put the railway through Stampede Pass and built the Stampede Tunnel. It was to be short lived, however, as by the 1890s Weston was already being changed. In the 1890s the facilities of Weston were moved to Lester. These facilities included a roundhouse, a station and a possible turntable. The final blow to Weston came in 1913-1914 when the rail line was double tracked over Stampede Pass and a trestle was installed over the Green River, completely bypassing Weston itself. There are no remains anymore other than overgrown clearings and evidence of the original rail line cut through the trees. Submitted by: Patrick Widner