NAME: Falls City
COUNTY: Eau Claire
CLIMATE: Snow covered in Winter, hot in Summer
COMMENTS: Currently there are maybe 10 residents or so. It is located about 3 miles west of Eau Claire off of county road "c". The main road (Falls City Rd) takes you through the small stretch of the town. As you come in you can see the old church and corner store (no longer in use). One thing to do there is see the old cemetary. It is located way back along one lane dirt roads that go through a bunch of corn fields. It's quite a drive but is worth it when you see it. It overlooks the river on a large steep hill.
REMAINS: Old church, old stone mill (now a residence), gas station/corner store, a few original homes and a cematary.
This town has basically been forgotten. The only information I could get on it was a school report that I found at the library in "special collections". It was founded in the mid 1800's by the indians. It remained a town untill the mid 1900's. This town hosted many small and large fights which eventually caused it's demise. People that lived there found it too unsafe and moved away untill finally it went abandoned. There was a kidnapping of a 2 year old girl during the turn of the century which lead to her murder. She was found in the woods. I believe she is buried in the small cemetary that I found. The grave names a young girl that was 2 when she died and it was during the same time of the kidnapping. I suggest if you are interested about this historic town to first stop at the Eau Claire Public Library and look for the near thirty page report about it's amazing history. Submitted by: Nate Kaufman