NAME: Thayer
COUNTY: Fayette
CLIMATE: Cool spring hot summer, cool fall, cold winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring, summer and fall
COMMENTS: Located in the New River Gorge. Here is a good reference link.
REMAINS: Semi-ghost.
Mines in the Thayer are opened in the 1890s and had a population of 403 by 1910. By 1920 the towns population was 420. The town boasted a bowling alley and a theater. Today the town remains as a semi-ghost.
The remaining outer walls of a building in Thayer.  Now all covered with kudzu vines.
Courtesy Niki Kelley
Coal silos found along the single lane dirt road that winds along the New River and through Thayer.  Many old buildings from coal mining's "Glory Days" can still be found along this main stretch of road and are easily accessible.
Courtesy Niki Kelley