NAME: Thurmond
COUNTY: Fayette
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Open to public in summer
COMMENTS: Directions: From Beckley take I-77N to 19N(Exit 48). Turn right at sign for Glen Jean/Thurmond. 7 miles on WV 25(not recommended for trailers and RV's). The downtown strip of this town facces the railroad tracks and there is no 'main street' per se. Streets run from the hills down to the tracks, and most of the houses are situated up on the hill. The railroad depot has been wonderfully restored, and the word on the street is that the Amtrak line running from Lexington/Frankfort to Washington DC that runs through this town will make a stop for you if you call ahead.
REMAINS: Depot, bank, saloon, hotel, about 20 homes, and a church. Great remains... all fairly well in tact. A completely abandoned downtown strip still standing, and in VERY VERY good condition. Lots of empty homes and railroad infrastructure.
Once among the greatest railroad towns along the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Thurmond recaptures the days when steel rails, steam, and coal were major themes in our nation's history. the historic Thurmond Depot has been restored to serve as a park visitor center. Exhibits and historic furnishings bring the golden days of railroading back to life.During the first two decades of the 1900's, Thurmond was a classic boomtown. With the huge amounts of coal brought in from area mines, it had the largest revenue on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. Having many coal barons among its patrons, Thurmond's banks were the richest in the state. Fifteen passenger trains a day came through town-its depot serving as many as 95,000 passenger's a year. The town's stores and saloons did a remarkable business, and its hotels and boarding houses were constantly overflowing.With the advent of diesel locomotives, and less coal coming in from local mines, the town began a steady decline. the many businesses closed down, and most residents moved on. Today, the town of Thurmond remains suprisingly untouched by modern development. It is a link to our past, and a town with many stories to tell.You can get more information from: National Park Service-New River Gorge National River P.O.Box246 Glen Jean, WV 25846 (304)465-0508 Submitted by: Elizabeth Krupp

The train station has been restored and is now a museum, as Thurmond is part of the local national park here.  There are a handful of residents a ways up the mountain too!
Courtesy Andrew Montelius

These are the larger of the buildings in Thurmond.
Courtesy Andrew Montelius