NAME: Cora
COUNTY: Sublette
CLIMATE: Warm in the summer time and cold during winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Early summer.
COMMENTS: The town of Cora, Wyoming, located along County road 352, whose exit is six miles between Pinedale and Daniel, has a small year-round population of less than 300 people, of who are related to the original settlers of the town and have lived in Cora most of their lives. The homes of the locals are scattered around the area.
REMAINS: Many old buildings.
Located approximately 10 miles northwest of Pinedale, the tiny village was named after Cora House. The Cora post office, the first building to be erected in the village was first established in the late 1890's. The post office building is made of hand-hewn, sturdy logs transported from the Upper Green River. At one time Cora, a popular road stop for trappers, loggers, and weary homesteaders boasted a successful saloon, blacksmith shop, dance hall and a town newspaper. The town reached its peak population of between 400 to 500 people (I think) during the steady influx of settlers in the 19th century to the wild west, and after WW2, Cora�s population slowly began to drop as the towns people of this era joined the trend of farming and ranching on there own property, and also on a larger scale. But many families remained loyal to Cora. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill

Cora's Post office, the first building to be built in this tiny Wyoming village. Courtesy Ryan Hill

Post office at Cora.
Courtesy Ryan Hill

View of the Teton range in the distance from Cora.
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Derelict homes at Cora, Wyoming.
Courtesy Ryan Hill