NAME: Dunn
COUNTY: Sweetwater
CLIMATE: Cold frozen winters warm summers
COMMENTS: There are no current residents in Dunn. Take I-80 E from Rock Springs, when you reach the airport road exit and go to the North side of I-80 Take the road to the right and follow it approx, 20 miles there you will find Dunn.
REMAINS: Many old building renains and cement blocks.
Dunn was a mining town consisting of around two-hundred people from china. The chineese would work in the coal mine in Rock Springs for alot less than the white people would. And as the story was told to me in school, The town of Rock Springs got tired of the china men taking all the work, so late on night the people of Rock Springs went to Dunn and set the town ablase. Chasing the china men while beating and shooting them they ran them out. All that remains of Dunn now is the ruined buildings and a burnt up dump, which just happens to be a good place to find some neet old artifacts. To learn more you can go to or contact the Sweetwater County Meuseum in Rock Springs WY Submitted by: Delcy Biesheuvel