NAME: Shirley Basin
COUNTY: Carbon
CLIMATE: Cold white winters and warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and Early summer.
COMMENTS:Take WY-220 out of Casper then WY-487 South for 40 miles you will see a barb wire gate go left in on that access road then a little over a half mile the town site is right there.
REMAINS: Not much remains other than old run down trailer houses a school bus and Leroy Williams old International pick up truck with the roof caved in.

Shirley Basin was started in the early 60s due to the Uranium discovered just outside of town. The town site consisted of only a few solid permanent structures like the school house and local town store (which also was the post office, bank, gas station and mechanic shop). Most of the town residence lived in mobile home trailers which lined the 3 streets that went through town. After the mines closed the town quickly vanished as well with only a few hardy souls to stick around a few years. The last I remember anyone living there was the late 80s and maybe even a person or 2 into the 90s but the town is now population 0.

Submitted by: Dustin Taylor

Shirley Basin
Courtesy Dustin Taylor