YOU HAVE STRUCK GOLD! has its own Internet Television Channel called "Ghosttowns TV". Programming includes the new Magazine, a 30 minute series with a wealth of great information for ghosttowners. Also in the queue are many American History, ghost town and ghost town related videos.
     Programming airs live 24 hours a day and a TV guide is posted. You will need the following items to watch Ghosttowns TV:

1. RealVideo G2 player (its free) to watch .

2. PC with Netscape 3.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.*

and that is all you need!

* Macintosh computers are not compatible with this technology at this time. G2 for Macs is only available in Beta form and IE for macs will not allow the playing of SMIL files which is the new TV format. Netscape for Macs is not compatible with the Javascript necessary to run the TV. If you are running Netscape on a Mac and you click on the TV button you will have to forcequit Netscape.

     Please keep in mind this is brand new technology and there are limitations. You need at least a 28.8kbps modem and a good connection to the internet. There will be problems like internet bottlenecks and network congestion that will sometimes slow down the transmission while you are watching and there is nothing we can do about that. But, problems like these will only get better and cease to exist as technology advances! If you get kicked off, just try reconnecting. And yes, there are commercials just like regular TV.