NAME: Conquerville
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, spring, fall
COMMENTS: In southeast Alberta, 30 miles north of Highway 61. Hard to find. Highway directions not good
REMAINS: Abandoned high school, farm buildings and houses, and commercial buildings; a few residents
Conquerville was once as thriving rural community in deep southeast Alberta, about 30 miles north of Highway 61 � which is now dotted with several ghost towns and communties facing extinction. Conquerville, situated in prime prairie agriculture land, was located at the intersection of two gravel paved roads. The high school was the heart of the community but old-timers say too few kids were coming and had to be closed in the 1980s. The school later burned down and today only charred ruins remain. The basketball court outside is now being overgrown with weeds. Scattered in the area are abandoned farm and commercial buildings, including one that used to be a gas station and store. There are a few residents nearby and a community hall. But the farming community essentially when the school closed. Submitted by: Johnnie Bachusky

Old farm house near intersection of two rural roads and the high school.
Courtesy Johnnie Bachusky

Abandoned high school
Courtesy Johnnie Bachusky

Basketball Court
Courtesy Johnnie Bachusky