NAME: Frank
CLIMATE: Cold winters, warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, early fall
COMMENTS: About 100 current residents - semi-ghost.. There is an interpretive center nearby.
REMAINS: Huge landslide

Frank was a coal mining town near the Crowsnest Pass region. Nearby Turtle Mtn. buried the city in a landslide in 1903 Submitted by: Douglas Monroe

Frank, Alberta was built at the base of Turtle Mountain, called the Mountain that Moves by the local Native people, who never camped around the mountain.  At four in the morning on April 29 in 1903 an avalanche of 90 million tons tumbled down the mountain, blocked the entrance to the coal mine situated there (17 miners trapped within) and buried the mine site, dairy and other outbuildings and seven houses.  At least 70 people were smothered in the rockslide, which turned muddy at the base of the mountain crossing the river.  It is an impressive and regionally important attraction today.  The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre is now situated across the mountain and stands watch while the rest of the mountain shudders, as well as providing an excellent resource of the accident, and stories of the survivors.  - Amanda