NAME: Hayworth
COUNTY: Hayworth
CLIMATE: Warm all year around
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime, (not worth visiting)
COMMENTS: No current residents. Town reached its peak in the late 1800's as a saw mill community. Located near three-rivers valley, the town was secluded from populous areas. After the saw mill shut down, many residents (if not all) seeked other jobs in nearby villages.
REMAINS: The old saw mill still stands (barely). A few old houses still stand at the edge of the timber. Not much there really.
This is an area that is worth seeing if you happen to be in the area. Otherwise, don't bother. This town was est. in 1860, or somewhere around then. It died off in the early 1900's when the saw mill shut down. The old mill is the only thing worth visiting Submitted by: Pete