NAME: Kovach
CLIMATE: Heavby snow in winter, warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer and early fall
COMMENTS: Town closed in 1952 and is now used for outdoor recreational use. A three-kilometre hiking trail leads to the old mine site
REMAINS: A few abondoned mining building alone hiking trail; mining artifacts scattered in the bushes, remnants of old rail line to haul coal
Located in the heart of the spectacular and mountainous Kananaskis Country, Kovach was a coal-mining community of about 200 citizens that sprang up in 1947 on the slopes of Mount Allan � site of the 1988 Winter Olympic alpine events.Kovach, also known as Ribbon Crik or �the camp�, had bunkhouses for the miners and support staff, a school, and a small store.However, the coal mine was a victim of the times to the growing demand for diesel, and the mine closed in 1952. The Alberta government declared in 1976 mining permits would no longer be issued within the 4,350 sq.-km. Kananaskis CountryToday, the former tinniest, named after a district ranger, is gone and has been redeveloped to accommodate the huge traffic of hikers and other recreational day-users. There is a three kilometre hike from the day-use area up to the old mine site. Along the way, hikers can spot a few abandoned mining shacks, old mining equipment, and even the remnants of rail ties, used to move coal cars off the mountain mine. submitted by Johnnie Bachusky Submitted by: Johnnie Bachusky

A pair of rails stick out from the side of Mount Allan, the site of the Alberta coal mine from 1947 to 1952. Photo by Johnnie Bachusky

An abandoned shack along the trail up to the mine site of Kovach. Photo by Johnnie Bachusky

The weathered foundation ruins of an old mining building near a trail leading to the mine site of Kovach. Photo by Johnnie Bachusky