NAME: Seebe
COUNTY: Bighorn #8
CLIMATE: Winter: Mostly cold while a bit warm. Summer: coolish hot.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, while the river and dam are not frozen.
COMMENTS: O living in 0 of its buildings as of 2011.Just  off of Hwy 1 after the start of the Canadian Rockies.There's  still a dam,lake,and river there,along with some broken and abandoned buildings.
REMAINS: Houses,dam,lake,river,buildings since it's a very new ghost.
Seebe began in early 90s for the employees of a Calgary dam company to live while the construction of  the dam.However,it's population peak was at around only 40.While Calgary grew,the dam and Seebe grew.Seebe is 5 km east of Exshaw,39 km east of Canmore,12 km east of Dead Man's Flats,67 km east of Banff,97 km east of Lake Louise,112 km west of Calgary,and 56 km west of Morley.Seebe had a general store,skating rink,bank,arena,many buildings,and more.The dam was officially finally completed for making a lake.However,the thing that ruined Seebe was when the Calgary dam company officially closed the dam for good.People sadly moved away on April 15,2004 or 2005.A 2006/2007 plan was to restore Seebe,however,it never happened.Seebe awaits restoration.Tourists are always shocked to see the signs of Hwy 1 leading to Seebe are old and there's nothing there.Seebe Dam is a popular treat for the tourist and ghost towner to go cliff jumping.Seebe refuses to decay quickly,awaiting restoration.In 2014,2 men died while 1 survived.The RCMP and governments have since been aware of cliff jumping in Seebe. 

Submitted by: Arvin L. Savadkouhi