NAME: Acadian Caraquet
COUNTY: Gloucester County (North-east area)
CLIMATE: Pleasently warm during the summer time, though it gets moderetaly cold during winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: In the summer, when its most warm.
COMMENTS: The Acadian village is a small self supporting community that acts as host to hundreds of annual visitors. Though the village is populated, it still posesses the charm of the Acadian period. the village is sign posted near the Caraquet township along route artérielle 11, which joins to Provincial Trail route 19 towards Bathurst. Its a fun day out you will enjoy!
REMAINS: Many, many restored Arcadian buildings, and also some abandoned structures within the woods.
The town was founded by the ancestors of Acadian people who escaped expulsion from there hometowns in New Brunswick around 1775. Though commercialised considerably, it appears, and is at heart a living artifact. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill