NAME: Argentite
COUNTY: District of Timiskaming, Bucke twp
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summers
COMMENTS: Directly South of North Cobalt, the town site was situated along farr creek and farther east of the creek, and west of the present day ONR line. 1km North of Cobalt on Hwy11B
REMAINS: Nothing, but a few vague cellars
It began as an independant town site during the Cobalt silver strikes (1903-14). During this massive boom period Cobalt counted 8500 people, and New Liskeard and Haeyleybury both shared another 10 000 together. Other centre such as North Cobalt, contained another 2500. Argentite was another townsite laid in aticipation of a further need for land, and it developped well. The site contained nearly 500 residents at its peak, and by 1910, counted a few businesses. A post office opened in 1908 for 14 months simply to be moved a few yards north to North Cobalt. When the Nipissing Central Railway ran its tramway from Cobalt to New Liskeard, Argentite received the line through its town site enebling many to communte. A flag station was also established in at Argentite Crossing. While the Cobalt silver boom fadded by 1920's mines were running out of ore. When the Great Fire Haileybury fire of 1922 whipped its furry in the area it razed Argentite to the ground, and never recovered. Submitted by: Yvan P.Charbonneau